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Well, the meetings start soon and the conversations begin with the General Mangers. Chaim Bloom, Red Sox’s new chief baseball officer, has quite an offseason ahead of him.

The Red Sox had a payroll of about $240 million in 2019 (four times as large as Bloom’s payroll with Tampa Bay), and given owner John Henry’s goal of staying below the $208 million competitive balance threshold in 2020, that means trimming more than $30 million in salaries in the coming months.

We all know there is going to be lots of chatter about Mookie Betts and ensuring that conversations be had around his status and potential trade partners. However, there are also rumors floating around that the Red Sox may look to be creative in payroll and open to offloading contracts, but that may include packages to move heavy ones with more reasonable contracts.

One of those key contracts is obviously the Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts (contract) who recently signed an extension to stay with the team, but at a very reasonable investment for the long term – check out his 2019 highlights.

Bogaerts has been popular in his time with the Red Sox and his numbers have been getting better since the beginning of 2017. A trade would garner a similar reaction as if the Red Sox traded Betts – fans would be disappointed, to say the least.

Let’s take a look at his career with the Red Sox:

This is how he projects for the 2020 season:

Red Sox brass certainly wants to win now and Bogaerts would need to play an important role in the hunt for a second World Series in three years. Trading MVP caliber players isn’t a good look from a fan’s perspective and it gives the impression that your team doesn’t want to win in the upcoming seasons.

Xander Bogaerts is a homegrown superstar that is beloved in Boston by fans, media, and the front office. The perfect package, which no team may be able to construct, would have to come along and it just seems like unless opinions change we will see X-Man at short for many seasons to come!


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